Partners for Health NGO (PfH)
(formerly – Atlanta-Tbilisi Health Partnership Program, ATHPP)



PfH represents an association (union) type NGO. It is ruled by General Meetings of NGO members. Between the meetings 7-member Board administers NGO. Board Chairman acts as a CEO (Director).


Board members:

  • Dr. Zviad Kirtava (Board Chairman/CEO), MD, PhD, Internal Medicine/Rheumatology – European Commission Expert in e-Health (Telemedicine/Distance Learning), Health Management, Clinical Pharmacology, Evidence Based Medicine/CPG, Quality Control, Migrants Health, Intergenerational Family Solidarity;

  • Dr. Marine Kvaraia (Vice-Chair), MD, cardiologist – Expert in web-medicine/Internet-communications, medical informatics, health portals, Business Administration;

  • Dr. Ken Walker, Prof. of Medicine and Neurology – Honorary Citizen of Georgia, Emory University Professor of Internal Medicine and Neurology, Expert in Medical Informatics, Public Health, Medical Education.

  • Dr. David Khubua – Expert in Health Management, Public Health, Healthcare Financing, Health Insurance, Primary Care Systems, Family Medicine.

  • Dr. Nino Rachvelishvili, MD, PhD (Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology/Immunology) – Council of Europe Expert in International Health, Evidence Based Medicine, CPG assessment (AGREE), Medical informatics, Clinical Pharmacology;

  • Dr. Natela Partskhaladze, MD, MSW – Expert in Children Health, Social Work, International Health, Nursing Education.

  • Mr. David Meskhishvili, BSc (Computer Science); IT and web-technologies.

Active participants of PfH NGO Projects in 2015-2017 years:


  • Zviad Kirtava (Board Chairman/CEO), MD, PhD,

  • Marine Kvaraia (Vice-Chair), MD, cardiologist,

  • David Khubua, MD, Healthcare Management and Insurance

  • Irina Benidze, MD – CPG Development/health portals

  • David Jorjoliani, MSME, PhD (Mechanical Engineering); Master of IT, system administration and web-technologies.

  • Kakhaber Kashmadze, BIT - Health IT solutions, EMR development, e-Registries, health web-solutions

  • Nino Bobokhidze, BBA, MBA doctorate student – Environmental protection

  • Ana Zarubina, BAcc, - accounting and audit

  • Mamuka Kupreishvili, BSc (Agr.) – manager, IDP support programs (Khobi)

  • Eka Khakhubia, B.Ed.(History), Legal adviser – IDP support programs (Khobi)



  • Prof. Gaiane Simonia, MD, PhD – Head of Div. of Geriatrics, Dept of Int. Medicine, Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) - telecardiology

  • Assoc. Prof. Irina Andronikashvili - Div. of Geriatrics, Dept of Int. Medicine, TSMU

  • Assist. Prof. Maka Gegenava, MD, PhD – Dept of Int. Medicine, TSMU, eHealth/telemonitoring,

  • Assist. Prof. Thea Gegenava, MD, PhD – Dept of Int. Medicine, eHealth/telecardiology, TSMU

  • Prof. Tamar Gagoshidze, MSc (Psychology) – Head of Department of Psychology at Tbilisi State University - intergenerational family solidarity programs

  • Prof. Sofia Kasradze, MD, PhD, - Director of the Institute of Neurology and Neuropsychology; – eHealth/e-Registries/teleneurology

  • Theona Shulaia, MD, doctorate student – Director of Georgian Association of Dermatology Dermoscopy and Skin Optical Diagnostic - eHealth/m-Health/teledermatology

  • Prof. Natalia Kiladze, MD, PhD – Dept of Dermatology, TSMU

  • Dr. Zviad Matoshvili, MD, PhD – Head of Arrhythmology Center at Central Clinical Hospital - telecardiology

  • Prof. Paliko Kasradze, MD, PhD – TSMU Dept of Sports Medicine - telerehabilitation

  • Dr. Lela Sturua, Head of non-infectious Diseases Dept at National Center for Disease Control and Public Health – Migrants Health

  • Ketevan Garsevanishvili, AND, RN – Chair of Georgian Nursing Association - nursing education