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Partners for Health NGO (PfH)
(formerly – Atlanta-Tbilisi Health Partnership Program, ATHPP)


Mission: To improve the quality of health and healthcare services in Georgia.

To Assist Georgian Health System through development and implementation of modern management models, standards of care, Evidence Based Medicine and Clinical Practice Guidelines, Clinical Trials, IT and Health Information Systems, education and networking establishments via cooperative projects and collaboration with foreign partners - for building a system which will serve well to the needs of People of Georgia and provide good basis for sustainable development and growth in new Millennium.

Goal and Objectives

The overall Goal of PfH's current programs is to improve the quality of health and healthcare services provided by the Georgian Health system.
PfH was established as continuation of Atlanta-Tbilisi Health Partnership Program - ATHHP). PfH is utilizing the local expertise and resources of the organizations and individuals, established and trained through long-term (since 1992) Atlanta-Tbilisi Partnership Programs.

Specific Objectives of the PfH are the following:

  • Cooperation with governmental, non-governmental and international donor/consulting organizations to support reforms in healthcare system of Georgia;

  • Research and development in area of e-Health (telemedicine and distance medical learning) and m-health (mobile health) as a new applied methodology in Georgia. Research and development of ICT and network solutions usage in health and social sector.

  • Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), electronic medical records and Specialized Internet-compatible Patient Database Registers.

  • Promotion of knowledge in Medical informatics by popularization of evidence based medicine (EBM), support of clinical practice guidelines (CPG) development and appreciation/implementation of well-designed Randomized Clinical Trials, for improving healthcare quality.

  • Support of establishment of modern type, high-standard medical, healthcare management and nursing education, including continuous professional development.

  • Support and implementation of projects to assist hospital system reform by developing better management forms and standards, financial management policy, quality control, continuous medical education, hospital information system and networking with primary health care system.

  • Carrying out research and implementation projects in Public Health field, especially in those areas (cardiovascular diseases, HIV-infection/AIDS, TB, malaria, hepatitis C, cancer, diabetes, trauma, drug addiction, tobacco hazards, obesity, etc.), as well as environmental pollution, representing major threats for Georgian Public Health system.

  • Issues of Health and Migration: migrants’ health issues both in Georgian and Europe.

  • Publishing and information-support activities (newspaper, magazine, brochure, TV program, web-pages, and web-portals) directed toward support of the above mentioned activities and fund-rising.

  • Support public-professional interaction in field of health through web-portals and web-based trustful information for public and patients, as well as by development of health-literacy and media-advocacy projects.

  • Organization of different forms of exchange and training programs through international organizations in order to improve qualification level of Georgian healthcare and environmental protection specialists.

  • Carrying out and assisting in organization of International and local scientific conferences, workshops and meetings in the above-mentioned areas of research and development.